No Time to Cook?

No worries!!!!

Randy Byrd/Owner

Location will be posted! Call us at 937-422-4694!


Relax and enjoy.

After a long day at work, imagine coming home and having a healthy, home-cooked dinner ready for you and your family. No racing to the grocery store. No messy kitchen to clean. Just a delicious meal, prepared to your liking. Also, for that special gathering for unlimited guests, let me put you to the test with the very best. If a sandwich and a bag of chips are all you want, Up In Smoke Bar-B-Q can make it happen.

Up In Smoke Bar-B-Q also offers heat and eat during the week for customers. Heat and Eat is a service that allows you to purchase meats that are already prepared, heated, delivered and ready for your dinner table.

More affordable than you think.

By carefully selecting meats and produce from various distributors, services are quite economical. You can even earn FREE MEALS through our customer referral program and customer loyalty program! Senior and military discounts are available.

Tailored to your tastebuds.

You choose the meals in advance from the extensive menu. You contact me and the rest is history. It's just that simple!

Free delivery for orders of 60.00 within Montgomery County

Thanks, for considering Up In Smoke Bar-B-Q for your next occasion. Your opinions, views and input are well valued.

All prices are subject to change.